Terres de Cuisine

Terres de Cuisine

To position a collective catering brand on the national chessboard. To assert a strategic position oriented toward guests and make it visible through communities.

The Idea

A national positioning ambition brought the brand’s name inadequacy forward. Provence Plats, loaded with regional connotations, becomes Terres de Cuisine.
« TERRES »: authenticity, proximity, local commitment
« CUISINE »: a craftsmanship, a know-how, a passion
ONE SYMBOL: A benevolent bird carrying and spreading the brand’s know-how and values from kitchen to kitchen, from guest to guest. Natural and contemporary colors promoting a wholesome food, balanced and modern cooking. Provence Plats becomes Terres de Cuisine highlighting a terroir anchoring tethered to local partners ; a Brand supporting natural cuisine, modern and balanced.
ONE SIGNATURE: Ethical by nature
Terres de Cuisine endeavors to raise awareness on our consumption: balanced diet, natural ingredients, and environmental consciousness. A new identity as the reflection of the fundamental brand’s conviction: collective catering is a development lever for territories and populations, and an activity carrying ethical, economic, and social issues.

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