New concept for shopping centres.
Common thread creation for Carmila, Carrefour’s company dedicated to shopping centres, and Brand incarnations through a new architectural concept.
3 countries. 171 centres. 100% of the sites renovated for the end of 2017.

The Idea

Conception of a real trademark called A Family Resemblance (“Air de Famille”). Design concept and customers journey for storekeepers, visitors and managing teams. In shopping centres, at each step of the customers’ journey, attentions and gestures to welcome everyone.

Outside: coloured arches for a warm welcoming, XXL benches to rest together, high bar tables to be gathered around, dedicated spots for my bike, my motorbike, etc. Inside: entrance design, floor layout and branded identity for each center, wifi zones, ceiling layout, seating arrangements and design, etc.

Tall, small, young, less young, in a hurry, relaxed, slow, curious, wanderers, dogs, cats, distracted, serious, amused, amazed, quiet… in Carmila shopping centres, we all share a Family Resemblance.

Pilot in Nice Lingostière, in collaboration with ASE product responsible for the building architecture.

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