Newton Offices Branding

Newton Offices Branding


The Idea

Relying on the key levers that shaped the brand’s spirit, Generous redefined the positioning and found a new name for the brand : Newton Offices. This brand will embody all individual energies for the benefit of the group. Each aspect of the brand platform is at the service of the newtonian energies : individual, collective, creative, communicative and solar. This energy is especially positive, human and natural.
Newton Offices offers an intelligent and flexible offer, that adapts to the requirements and constraints of all neo-workers. Whether you are working solo or for a big CAC 40 company, one-timer or full-time resident, Newton will provide a precise tailored offer. Liberty of space, liberty of time and liberty of investment, Newton’s offer bounces like Newton’s pendulum !
An expertise and a method applied to the brand in multiple aspects.
In addition to the new name and logo, the agency defined the brand platform, the identity, the user experience markers and the marketing tools in a coherent fashion.
« This name is in coherence with the experience we have been proposing for two years in Marseille (I Lov’it Worklabs). It is derived from our mediterranean roots who articulate around light and good energy. Newton brought an answer in coherence with our positioning, both statutory and friendly. He is (Isaac Newton) after all a genius because an apple fell on his head ! », specifies Guillaume Pellegrin. » 
Identity, stationery, press kit, reservation tools, website, brochures, signage.
A brand taking off.
Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, Toulouse, Rennes… Within 5 years, Newton Offices should open 15 new sites in France. Today, Generous accompanies the brand on design problematics.

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