Conceive a new brand territory for collaborative workspaces.
In the midst of a working environment revolution, the boom in entrepreneurship and nomadization of employees, it is the end of 3.6.9.
Welcome to the flex office, the well working.

The Idea

The agency assisted TIVOLI CAPITAL, a specialist in the development of commercial regional real estate in their project to create a collaborative work space. The agency redefined the brand’s foundation, worked on its identity, its customer experience and its design.

The idea

Firmly rooted in its origins in Marseille, NEWTON OFFICES takes on in its codes, the colors and materials of a revisited “Provence”. NEWTON carries a “seriously relaxed mood” in its DNA : a brand that balances from professionalism to conviviality.

Its promise: efficient and friendly office hours.

Choose a particular name

Why NEWTON, as a business name ? NEWTON invents theorems and formulas, NEWTON OFFICES invents the best office formulas. NEWTON declares that when two forces are joined, their efficiency is double, NEWTON OFFICES combines productivity and user-friendliness for an energy boost. Finally, an apple fell on his head: talent is nothing without a bit of humor…

Defining a unique design

Inspired by Marseille, light is a guiding element of spaces. The ochre terracotta palette is combined with a fluorescent orange and a duck-egg blue that evokes (alludes to) the depths of the creeks.
Woven furniture, and caning adds this note of the South atmosphere.
The agency has designed some tailormade furniture and selected a set of furniture to guarantee the NEWTON style in the layout of the office and common areas.

Conceive the experience

Each key moment in the NEWTON experience is a marker.
At the entrance, the apple wheelbarrow welcomes you, informal meeting takes place under the apple tree square, for the absentminded, the small boutique offers a selection of essential and well-chosen accessories (design toothbrush, beautiful notebook, wooden USB key charger).
The “Pomminoscope” showcases the coworkers at the entrance. Each desk is equipped with a Gassien shelf that can be customized, a beautiful desk, …
Several herbal teas are available for refreshment or to continue an informal meeting. Modular meeting rooms offer technical tools to improve communication.