The agency supports the brand specializing in decoration, tableware and home equipment at low prices on its positioning, its brand territory, its customer journey and its store concept. Centrakor is number two of the decoration bazaar market in France.

The Idea

The success of Centrakor to this day is the result of great business opportunities, a multiple offer, a very wide target and many responses to various needs. In a competitive universe where the offer is not really distinctive for the customer, the brand preference will be lived through the brand experience and the customer journey. Generous accompanies Centrakor in terms of image to go from an opportunistic merchant to a bold brand name.

The brand’s mission:

To democratize the useful and pleasing purchase.

How does it work? / It takes three crucial steps:

The identity lever: by creating a strong brand distinction in line with the brand’s DNA.
The business levers: by optimizing the customer journey, the visibility of the offer and it’s marketability.
The experiential lever: by offering a memorable shopping experience, close and complicit.


To identify at a glance that you are at CENTRAKOR. The logo is redesigned with a more modern typography, a new color palette: a celadon green and a duck blue appear in a new graphic charter. The tone of the brand is uncluttered, offbeat and complicit. Breaking with the past, Centrakor now asserts its brand and its knowledge of the products through its P.S.I. (Point of Sale Information). Finally, the price messages and offers of the moment are conveyed by clear unashamed messages: “purchase now or cry later”.

The customer journey:

The new zoning is clearer, more walkable. Signature breaks with emblematic corners create landmarks and enhance the value of the universe. Furniture with more modular merchandising embodies the movement of frequent arrivals.

First store with the concept:

Toulouse 2808 M2. The concept is currently being deployed across more than 400 stores located in France and Belgium.

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